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There are always opportunities to support Girl STEMinist. Find out how you can get involved!

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Volunteer for a Workshop

If you are a woman or non-binary changemaker who wants to contribute, please connect with us! We would love to work with you.

Join Our Community Slack!

Become a member of Girl STEMinist! Connect with young women interested in STEM, hear about exclusive community events, opportunities, and more!

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Join the Team
Want to Join the Team?
  • Executive Team
    Apply to be on Girl STEMinist's Executive Board! You will take a lead role in working towards our mission to bridge the gender gap in STEM. Applications are due on August 5th, 2022.
  • General Team
    If you want to get involved with Girl STEMinist, but don't have the capacity to be involved as a director apply to be on our general team! Teams include a Tech, Social Media, Newsletter, Logistics and Programming, Outreach Team, and more! There are positions for everyone! *Aplications are closed*
  • Digital Journal Staff Team
    Want to work with like-minded young women who are striving to empower women in STEM? Apply for our next Digital Journal Issue! We'd love to have you on our team. *Aplications are closed. Check out the publication of our second Digital Journal!* What Our Team Has to Say: "I really enjoyed working with the other staff members on Girl STEMinist’s first digital journal! The schedules were organized and flexible, and the workload for a staff member was realistic. Also, everyone was very welcoming and friendly! I hope you’ll consider joining Girl STEMinist on the journey of empowering young women to pursue careers in STEM!" - Tiffany, Staff Editor "Working on the first ever issue of the Girl STEMinist Digital Journal was such an honor! The number of inspiring and creative individuals I have met is surreal. For the first issue, these members have truly put their time and effort into creating such a beautiful product to showcase their love for technology. You should definitely join the Digital Journal Staff Team for our next issue!" - Michelle, Lead Researcher
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